Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweet Al's is some YUMMY stuff!

Had to drop an ad for some great sauce! We went to the Vancouver Rodeo yesterday and I decided a teriyaki chicken salad was just right for dinner!

Wow, was it awesome! Steve and I had to get a bottle of their sauce as well, and we are going to make some chicken skewers to bbq with it.

Go to and you can order a bottle, or set up a catering event with them. They also work at farmers markets and things in the area, so if you are local you can check with them to see where you can try some for yourself. SOOOOOO good, and the cooks are very clean and professional. Very important for someone like me, who can barely handle eating at most outdoor vendors due to their nasty hygiene and food handling skills!

It helps that the staff are just cuties, and I remember these guys when they were just little- bopping around the barn with my kids! What a great family business that we can support!

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