Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loon Lake 2010

I thought I would put up some photos of our camping trip for your enjoyment. We went with some great friends to Loon Lake, just outside of Reedsport, OR and it was such a blast! We haven't camped since Arizona and this trip reminded me how much fun we were missing!

Loon Lake has cabins, tent sites or a lodge to stay at. Lots of water sports to do, activities at the federal park area, and snack, bathroom and laundry facilities. We mostly fished, barbecued and relaxed, but it is nice to know there are amenities for other fun activities too.

Ned and Nicole were kind enough to let us crash their annual camping/fishing trip, and I still can't figure out who had the most fun- Steve with all his fishing time, me with down time and water fun, or Jasmine and all the great laughter she shared with her "BFF".

My favorite part was the paddle boats of course. (I am totally renting the jet skis next year! Vroom Vroom!) The girls were all being goofy about jumping in the water. The youngest, Sara, was scared, but the big girls were freaking out about "touching fish" or something too. Which seemed insane to me. If you are near gorgeous water...shouldn't you be in it?

I couldn't stand to waste perfectly good water or listen to them freak out any more...so I had to take matters into my own hands.

I do regret abandoning Nicole in the "ship", but the temptation over came me. :) Plus I had to show these girls how lakes should be enjoyed!

I suppose next year I will remember to pack a bathing suit! Now you can see the girls got the idea- and loved splashing around.

Steve got to do one of his favorite past times. Pretty much not stop for 3 days. He cracked me up. He just couldn't put the pole down for more than an hour.

One of Ned's friends took Steve out on the boat one morning and he caught a great bass. I wish I had room to show you how we got that bass out of the live well...but that will have to be saved for the scapbook. OH...you should have seen us! Hehehehe Good memories.
All in all, it was a fantastic way to end the school year and we must have behaved ourselves at least a little, because we did get an invitation to come back next year. Can't wait!
(Unless they were just saying that and are planning to camp somewhere else next year just to avoid us. In which case I would have to track them down and put frogs in the bottom of their sleeping bags. Let's hope for their sakes they were sincere. :P)
Jordan is glaringly missing, but he had a wonderful time in Sun River that week with a friend. I missed him like crazy, but was so thankful that God took care of my sweet boy and gave him a great time. Hurray for summer!


nikkigirl said...

I so enjoyed reading this...felt like we were back their again. I loved having you guys there with us. :) Thanks so much for joining us. :) Your music choice to go along with it was encouraging. :)

abby said...

looks like so much fun!:)