Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To be a lover of books...

I have always know that loving books was a good thing, but Randy Alcorn shines some light on why it is also an IMPORTANT thing. Not only should we be teaching our children to enjoy quality books, but we need to be modeling that discipline to them through our own lives. He says it much better in the video below. I love that he goes so far to call reading a "holy habit". At least there I have one good habit that comes naturally! :)

"...those who are not readers will not be readers of God's Word." Randy Alcorn

LATE NOTE: Not one to take what anyone says as law, I couldn't figure out why this quote was nagging at me all day. Now- 5 hours later it struck me. I will give you Renee's edited version- "...those who are not readers will STRUGGLE with being readers of God's Word." There. That seems better. Because I know lots of people who ONLY read God's Word. They aren't readers by taste, but they love and value the Bible so much- they read it regularly. Makes you wonder what they would be like if they had cultivated a love of books as children. :) Maybe reading wouldn't sometimes feel like a chore and more often a delight? You tell me. God bless you with a special verse just for you today as you remain faithful to Him.

Where did you get your love for reading? from Randy Alcorn on Vimeo.

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