Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lakeview 2010- Day 2

So behind in my blogging, and so very sorry. Summer is calling me...and with so few days left of it, I must answer. The computer just can't hold my attention during this time of year. :)

Yet another day of fun and adventure for Lakeview OR! Any town that would let us visit is fearless.

Started out the day with another fantastic VBS program, with our slogan being "God's Word is comforting!" The bible story was from Acts 27- check it out and picture our crazy antics as we tried to explain it. :) This day was truly a sweet one, filled with kids who were nervous the first day now running to say hello!
(Ryan played the part of "Extreme Steve" in Human Clue terrifyingly well!)
My favorite part of the day was the Middle School Youth Event that evening though. Our teens organized a game of Human Clue- sooooo hilarious! And two of our Juniors shared their testimonies. What I loved was that both of the kids didn't have these horrible, tragical stories to tell. They are Christian kids, raised in Christian homes, loving Jesus. And their testimonies are just as powerful.

(Caitlyn made a fantastic "Kung Fu Karl".)
Our male student brought me to tears as I watched him share his story. I've know this little guy, who happens to stand 6'3" now, since he was 5, and to see the confidence and grace God has given him was such a blessing. It was awesome to see how God knew exactly which persons needed to speak, to relate to a room full of churched, "good" kids. Our guy showed them so clearly that God is just as real, relevant and ACTIVE in his life today as He was in the heroes of the Bible thousands of years ago. Very cool!
(This was Jordan as "Rockin' Ralph" during Clue!)
We finished the night off with some fun in the MAD house, and my favorite quote of the day was "PINCH IT OFF, JORDAN!!!" Needless to say, the girls didn't want anyone stinking up the bathroom and were not afraid to harass any potential perpetrators.

God blessed us during this trip with opportunity after opportunity to grow closer together, and hear Him more clearly. The verse we taught the VBS kids was another to put in your memory cards-
"Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles." Psalm 119:50 Oh, thank you for that Lord. Our promise that YOU have a good, and perfect plan for our eternity.

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