Saturday, December 19, 2009

How could you be so heartless?

Time to get it off my chest, and people are going to get mad. But ya know what? As Jack Nicholson would say, "YOU can't handle the TRUTH!" :)I realized yesterday how often I get my philosophies from scenes in movies. It's like I have a movie reel in my head, and life is little clips...I just wish I could find a way to dub incredible musical themes over the lows and highs, then it would be just about perfect.

This post is about the Middle East. More than that, it is about apathy. It is for my children, so when I am dead and gone they might happen upon this little note, and if they are being apathetic losers who care only for themselves and their own relations, they might be SHAMED into understanding. I hope, they see me right up in their grill, talking as fast as ever, eyes on fire.

Obviously, I am more than frustrated at the conversations I hear in the wonderful, liberal Northwest. Could there be any more selfish people on the planet? I am sorry- I want to not resort to name calling, but if you have said to me "We need to get our troops out of the Middle East...those are our boys over there...we are killing's all about OIL (OH! That one sends me over the top!)'s not our job to police the's a conspiracy"- if you have uttered those ridiculous falsities in my presence and gotten the resulting onslaught of my mouth, I can't say that you didn't earn the names I called you. :) I am working on that filter between my brain and my mouth, but I can't say I regret reaming you. God still teaching me patience. :)

I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda yesterday while wrapping presents. ACK. If you have seen that movie, you can imagine how few presents got wrapped. Why I thought that would be a "nice, comfortable" movie to accompany my American gluttony of materialism, I have no idea. But I don't believe in accidents, so God ordained it for a reason. My heart sank as I watched Tutsi children and families be massacred on the screen, all for the reason that the Hutu's DIDN'T LIKE them. Almost a million deaths before the Rwandan soldiers got it under control. This movie was based on the true stories of many Rwandans, and the devastating murders and atrocities that happened during that particular genocide in 1994. Horrible, horrible time- but due to the conversations I had this week- the part that stood out to me the most was the UN and the foreigners. I can't re-state everything that happened in the movie, but you can wikipedia "Rwandan Genocide", or watch the movie for yourself and see the reality of what happens when "Good people do nothing". Now, the main characters are amazingly noble and self-sacrificing. But the UN, the Americans, the Belgians are all slow to respond, and slow to care. It was heart breaking, because it is truly as though we are doing the exact same thing in the Middle East. Who cares if there aren't weapons of mass destruction? Who cares if there's oil under their feet? There were-and probably still are- civilian families being terrorized, raped, murdered and re-educated while we worry about our bottom line.

I am trying to believe that the opposition to the war is really out of concern for our soldiers, but I ask you, just like Pippin asked the Ents during LOTR, "but you are a part of this world!" (Again- movies sometimes have the best themes!)

Our soldiers are trained, military personnel who signed up to "protect and serve". If they don't like DOING THEIR JOB, then they shouldn't have joined the military for a free college education. The men and women who joined to "be a soldier" are never the ones complaining. The ones that love humanity, and protecting the weak from the bullies...they are right where they know they are needed most.
Can you honestly say, that when they see the mothers sheltering their children from terrorist gunfire, when they drag the innocent, dead men out of the streets after another bombing- can you honestly say that all those soldiers believe that things would be better if they weren't there? We hear all the time that the violence is escalated because of the peace keeping forces. Really? Learn from Rwanda, you fools! The minute the peace keepers pulled out, the terrorists, dictators and rebel idiots shut down all unauthorized, outside communications and instead of bombing a building hoping for casualities, they just walk right into the "infidels/traitors" homes and slit their throats...along with their children. And you just didn't have to hear about it anymore because all the cameramen were sent home.

Now, why we are helping in the Middle East while Africa continues to kill itself...that's for another opinionated day. :)I am not foolish enough to believe all our leaders are these caring, crusaders. But I do believe that God uses those selfish leaders to sometimes put things in motion to save those who love Him. And I can tell you from first hand stories I have heard and those mothers who can sleep at night now, to those children who get to go to school again, to those fathers who can work and provide for their families without fear because there are American soldiers right outside the those people- the war in the Middle East is a blessing, not a curse. They want to be protected by anyone who cares enough to give them a voice.

Watch Hotel Rwanda with new eyes for this generation- and see if you can keep yourself from seeing history repeating itself. Don't NOT care about the world around us, friends. To keep it real, picture the man in the photo below- he is the real Paul from the movie. The simple, ordinary hero who shelter over a thousand people and saved their lives...because he cared.

Father God, bring us to our knees in intercession for these hurting peoples all over the world. We have to live our lives here, and count our blessings for the freedoms and luxuries we have- and thank you for that, Lord- but help us not to forget those who weren't born American. Help us remember...and not grow weary in doing good.

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 82:3-4


KingsLittleBlessings said...

Wow. Well put. It got my blood going to read this, but it's so true. We know so many people who either used to be in the service and were in earlier wars, are serving their full 20 or more years in the service (and sacrificing family time to do it), and lots of young men who just joined up. Noone made them do it, it was their life decision. And how can I, who can be comfortably at home with my kids and a husband that comes home at night and the worse danger he faces is traffic, not support them??! I love that the US is that country, that can help. I'm so sad that so many are against helping them.

The girls and I each read through the Karen Kingsbury books Even Now, and Ever After. You'd really like them. The second one gives a good account of an opinion of war that isn't so right, I won't tell you the rest.

But, I really need to watch that movie you watched, I purposely have not watched it. It's hard stuff.

Anyway, thanks so much for this to ponder today. Love you. :)

PS. Sorry if I am too off subject, this is a highly emotional subject for me too!

Doanz said...

I read that series too, Mar! It was heart changing, I totally agree. And I think that her position is reflective of a lot Americans- unfortunately, we aren't as loud as the whiners. :)

God bless you, sweet friend! Thanks for reminding me that there are Americans who thank God for their freedom and care about the world around them too.

Trisha said...

you watched that while wrapping presents!!?? Good grief!!! That was one of those terribly good movies...ugh so heavy but amazing too. i think it is so crazy/scary to think about what will happen over there without our troops...ugh...only the Lord knows

Doanz said...

I know- what was I thinking? I guess I had forgotten how powerful that story is. Needless to say, I didn't get much wrapped. God- take care of your children.