Thursday, December 31, 2009

Epic Fail Week...or something else?

When I look back at the last couple of weeks, I just have two words that come to my mind. EPIC FAIL. In the midst of it, my sweet girl and her dear friend, said "Nay, in a couple of days you are going to laugh at this." That didn't go over so well at the TIME, but I can honestly say, I am laughing now. This whole "Moving During the Holidays" should be made into a National Lampoon's movie. I'm just saying.

Let me give you an example. The morning of Christmas Eve we find out some amazing loser in California has stolen our debit card number and pin code, and is roaming around filling up his SUV at gas stations in Marina Del Rey. Nice, right? Epic Fail #1- we must have used some shady ATM and they got our info.

Christmas goes great, wonderful time, and the MINUTE the last guest's foot is out the door, I am packing like a mad woman. And I promptly break two family heirlooms from Steve great grannie. Epic Fail #2- don't hurry with the breakables.

Saturday, head to work, Steve and the kids are packing, day is mostly going well. Get off work early so I can help, and as I am going through a stack of mail, I notice a package from my work. I thought it was just the generic "Look what a great place you work at" magazine they put out a couple of times a year- but Oh NO- that is NOT what it is. It is the benefits enrollment package that I needed to fill out and sign by the deadline- TWO WEEKS AGO. Apparently, because it had been forwarded, the post office kindly stuck the yellow forwarding label over the part of the envelope that says "Time Sensitive Materials- Response Needed." Epic Fail #3- when you take a position SPECIFICALLY to get medical benefits for your family, make sure you fill out the paperwork immediately, or you lose until next year's enrollment.

Sunday morning starts off great. Co-worker agrees to take my shift so I can keep packing, go to church and God rocks my boat with the reminder of his love and the fact that, "No one can make a brand new START, friend, but everyone can make a brand new END." Steve and I say goodbye to our son as he heads to a youth retreat, and we start loading up the car and truck with odds and ends to move. Truck is stuffed with tons of stuff an hour or so later, car is ready, ignitions GO. Or not. Steve's truck won't start. EPIC FAIL #4- make sure when you beg your husband to sell his gorgeous sports car so you can have no more car payments, that he doesn't turn around and buy a beater that he is going to "restore". Push the truck down the driveway, get it jump started and away we go.

Now for the BEST day, Monday morning- pick up the UHaul with my two helpers, Jazz and her friend. I am a little nervous about backing up the 26foot monster into my teeny alley and driveway in Two Toned Land, where the HOA freaks out if you block the road, but I can't find anyone to drive it for me and Steve's at work, so here we go. I am doing great, manuevering the plants, electrical boxes, lining up with the garage post. Ooops. Forgot the roof eve hangs over a few feet from the post, and I have now successfully smashed the gutter and eve with the back of the UHaul truck. Epic Fail #5- yeah, I just suck.

Movers arrive and find me sitting on the front stoop in a daze. But they promptly start loading the truck...and terrify me the entire time that one of them is going to drop down the stairs in cardiac arrest and I am going to have to code him right there, and the other is going to have an asthma attack and I had already packed all the inhalers and nebulizer. They really tried their hardest, but were not physically or mentally capable of making this move happen in an efficient way. Epic Fail #6- don't go cheap and hire Craigslist movers, use the professionals.

After 3 hours of hardly anything getting done- I cut the movers short and tell them to just take the junk...I mean household the new house and we would do the rest ourselves. They agree, and continue to wheeze and turn purple as they tie things in and finish loading the UHaul. At the new house, have them unload everything in the garage and send them on their merry way. Take the UHaul back to the store, everything goes great. Turn in the keys- and realize I lhad my car keys in my jacket...and I am wearing a sweatershirt. Said jacket is on the chair at my house. Epic Fail #7- don't get stranded at the UHaul store on moving day, it will make you want to cry.

Call Stevo- he can leave work early and come give me his key. Great, the girls and I say "Hey, we need a break anyways, we will walk a couple blocks to Carls Jr, get some lunch while we wait." Great plan. As we are walking, God decided to remind me to be thankful for being a fertile woman of child bearing age, except I don't want any more kids and at that moment had no feminine hygiene products in my purse. Or anywhere for that matter, as all bathroom items were packed in boxes and buried in the nightmare of a garage the movers made. Epic Fail #8- being a chick can really stink sometimes...and ALWAYS keep some personal items in your purse. NO MATTER WHAT.

Steve saves the day, get the car, head to the new house to attack the mess. Moving, moving, moving, things are getting done, furniture in place after many frustrating moments as I try to fit 3000 sq ft of junk into an 1100 sq ft house. Family room mostly put together, sliding a rubbermaid tub across the beautiful, brand new cherry wood floor, SCRATCHHHHHHH. Apparently there was a tiny pebble, or crumb, or something- never did find it- that was lodged under the box and it left a beautiful, LONG scratch across the family room floor. Epic Fail # 9- don't be lazy, PICK UP ALL BOXES.

Day ends with a quiet tear, house is coming together, and at least no one has lost a limb or their sanity. Papers were filed at the court house towards our previous landlord and his Epic Fail of paying his mortgage, and we are moving on. Thank you, Lord. Steve kindly tries to set up the washer and dryer for me so I can wash clothes- the dryer hose won't reach and their is something wrong with the washer connections, they just squirt out water. Epic Fail #10- don't bother setting up the laundry room until you have gotten a good night's rest, it will send you over the edge.

Tuesday morning, head to work, freezing cold- but still breathing. Thank God for little miracles. Hospital is slow, my boss is wonderful and let's me head home early. Get back to unpacking, organizing and the general insanity of life. Steve is finishing up the last things at the old house, and the snow starts to fall. This was actually a wonderful blessing, and my mood started to improve. Our new home looks beautiful in the snow, and the yard was transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland. But my poor husband was freezing, so Epic Fail #11- don't try moving in December and then send the movers away early. You never know what the weather will do to your poor husband as he tries to move everything else on his own.

Did you like my story? I wish I was crafty and could tell it like a real National Lampoon's Movie, but you get the jist. It is pretty funny when you think about it, and in the midst of all the bad, God was incredibly good. When I woke up Sunday morning in tears, and laid there frustrated and feeling like a failure- God gave my husband such sweet words for me. Steve read me Psalm after Psalm of our Father's provision and love for us, it was such comfort to my heart. He reminded me that God hears my cries(Psalm 3:4), He listens to my prayers and I can watch Him work (Psalm5:3), God is my shield and will lift my head no matter what (Psalm 3;3), and as my shield, He FAVORS me (Psalm 5:12), and God protects me, loves me, saved me, and is ALWAYS ready to forgive...oh, Thank you, Lord for that (Psalm 3:5, 13:5, 145:8). Monday, Nick called us out of the blue and offered his much needed help, such a blessing- and he even gave us hours of free muscle Tuesday. What a great brother in law and friend. Sweet Karen came bearing delicious treats to lift my heart on Wednesday morning, and I was again reminded how wonderful it is to be a part of God's family. That no matter what a failure you are, there are some people who can truly love you anyways.

So, God be praised- we are officially moved. AGAIN. And since I jacked up the floor already, I guess we will have to stay here for the rest of our lives. :) As long as this new landlord remembers to pay his mortgage. Hahahahha.

Thank you, Lord for a good night's sleep and some fresh perspective. Thank you for giving me a roof over my head, food in the fridge, money in my pocket and clothes on my back. Thank you for good friends, great family, and the salvation of my soul. You, Lord, are a great God.
"I sleep and wake up refreshed, because you, LORD, protect me. "Psalm 3:5


Anonymous said...

I love you, Sweet NayNay! I could feel your frustration as one thing after another went wrong. I hope you are able to laugh about it now. It does sound like a National Lampoon's movie. Haha! All you needed was a dying Aunt in the car with the dog (aka Kirby) tied to the back of the car as you drive away and some interesting Tuna Fish Sandwiches for lunch. I refuse to admit who I would call Cousin Eddy. Hahaha! I felt so blessed to hear how God used Steve to put you at peace with His Words. May you be able to enjoy this new house for many years, and all of the memories that make it Home Sweet Home. A new year is ahead of us! One day we will be in our Ultimate House with no more worries, stress, tears or fears! can I get an, "Amen?!"

KingsLittleBlessings said...

Oh Renee, I'm so glad you got through all that! But, of course you got through it, God was there with you every (painful!)step of the way! I'm happy that you are all moved, I hope this is a wonderful new home for you guys. (Where are you, by the way?) I can't help but think that it's so cool you moved in 2009, 'cause 2010 starts tomorrow, and it's a brand spankin' new start for you guys! Out with the old, in with the new. My prayer is for you guys to look forward with joy and anticipation of what is to come! Love you!

Doanz said...

AMEN AMEN, sista! :)

Trisha said...

good grief! That is one for the record books!!! Thank the Lord for a perspective change because you could have chosen to be real bitter real fast. He is Good and I hope that you have extra joy and extra times of great belly laughing with your fam in this new place in this new year!