Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take it back!

What a good kick in the pants today! I just had to post after my grumpiness the last few weeks, God threw DOWN today. And it came from a random Facebook post. Go figure.

I was waiting to pick up Jordan after school and just cruising through FB when, low and behold, an old acquaintance posts the most heart warming, worshipful status about being thankful. Just plain and simple, being thankful. It just stopped me short. My favorite part just keeps running through my mind, "Every movement an act of worship, every breath a gift." (Name withheld for privacy. But what a quote!) 

 So, my heart is convicted, my spirit encouraged. I am choosing to be thankful, and here's just a tiny glimpse of all the goodness in my life:

1) It's AUTUMN! With leaves to crunch, crisp air, and ear muffs right around the corner.
(When ear muffs can't be found, you can always use a toddler.)
2)  My beloved had surgery to remove a tumor, he came out wonderfully and it was BENIGN!
(Even during pre-op, we could be thankful for the comfy bear paw gown- so WARM.)

3) My precious girl is healthy, strong and growing into a beautiful woman. She is going to be a great mom.
(20 weeks and going strong! Halfway to meeting Brielle!)
4)  New friends who make us smile.
(Warm muzzles make life wonderful.)
5) The privilege of knowing my son, who is one of the strongest, most faithful men I have ever met. He never quits on his family, no matter how crazy he things we are.
(Wearing dark shades on cloudy days = greatness.)

6) This guy who went from broken and hurt, to being such a blessing- working full time, college full time, and doing all he can to change and grow in love and courage.
(When on crutches, MILK it for as long as you can!)
 7) Neck warmers. They are terrific.
(I prefer my neck warmers in black.)
8) Long walks with little and big people. Conversations that grow us and move our souls.

(Teach them how to "swag" as young as possible.)
9) The fact that in 4 short months, these two are going to give me a granddaughter! Babies are the BEST!

(They have tenacity. I love that in people.)
10) And always, always...The Word of God. Without it, all would feel lost.
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