Thursday, June 12, 2008

First attempt...

Well, I haven't decided yet if this is my attempt to wash myself clean of the evil of myspace, or just a more interesting way to keep a journal. But regardless, it should be interesting for us... and hopefully for you. A couple of friends started doing blogs for their families, and I always loved looking at theirs, so I thought, why not do one for us? Plus- I love the convenience of technology, so hopefully you AZ buddies will use this to email us, and we can keep in touch even more. We haven't forgotten about you, I hope you haven't given up on us. We are coming back to visit soon- just waiting for it to hit 120 degrees....ahhhh.
Not a lot of time to chat tonight, as I need to figure out how to put my beautiful children's photos up for you all to see- but I must note that tonight was CYT's Spring Showcase and watching my two kiddos do their thing was absolutely amazing. Theatre was never something I was interested in or saw a use for, but watching Jordan and Jasmine get up in front of hundreds of people, and actually act, be funny, and be themselves is so wonderful. They both have learned a lot over the last year of acting, and I know it will translate somehow into the lives God has in store for them. They are hands down, the coolest kids I have ever been privileged enough to know. And I get to be their MOM. Thank you, JESUS!

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