Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It is a frustrating feeling to be unsure. Unsure if your choices are good, if the direction you are headed is "right", or if you are even getting "warm". Some things in life I have no doubt about, that I love my family, that the God of the Universe is good and just, that there is a reason for our life, but the frustrating part is determining what God would have me do with all the minutes. The minutes of each day that roll by so fast, and yet count for so much. Our lives are so short here, so little time to glorify God, to encourage others to turn to Jesus, to let "my little light shine". I always joke that sleep is a disease, and if only I could find the cure, I might just have a chance at getting all the things done in a day that I put on my list each morning. What are the ones that matter to you, God? I look through your word, and I see the parts of your heart- that reaching out and touching people is your desire for us, but there are so many. And so much hurt. How would you have me choose where to be, and who to spend it with? Make it clear, my Lord. So someone as thick as me could understand it.

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Nick said...

I really enjoy your blog (just wanted to share that).

It's so easy too look around sometimes and think that everyone else has it all together and you must be quite a loser for being the only one who can't seem to figure things out. But your not a loser and your definetly not the only one unsure of how God would use you.

Hang in there! Sometimes others see things in us that we are unable to see in ourselves. You are a great Wife, mother and sister.