Friday, August 22, 2008

Prodigal Son...

I have been reading this great book by John McArthur- "A tale of Two Sons", about the parable regarding the Prodigal Son, and it dawned on me today that at any given time, I can easily assume the roles of the Prodigal, or the Bitter Older Brother, but never the amazingly loving, forgiving, self-sacrificial Father. Yes, yes, I know- the Father is wonderful because He is theoretically God, but aren't we called to be imitators of God? So why is it so hard to love, forgive, and sacrifice- and so easy to sin, squander, and please the flesh? Or even put up a good front, look responsible, respectful and faithful on the outside, and be hoity-toity on the inside- as in, hypocritically thinking that we could ever do anything good enough to EARN God's favor, rather than receiving that love and mercy as a gift. Rambling, I know- but it just was yet another reminder that I am not done yet, and thank you, Lord, that you love me in spite of myself. So- excellent book, go pick it up- I hope you enjoy learning more about Jesus's stories as much as I did, and more about taking responsibility for our hearts. I know it was a great eye-opener for me.

Note- after adding this photo of my adorable niece, Chloe- I wanted to make a disclaimer- she wasn't added for any other reason than she is adorable and I wanted to share her. Not a prodigal, and never will be I hope- her heart is too sweet. Heeheehee. Didn't want to upset mom or anything, if anyone's picture should be by a prodigal title- it should be Steve. Hahaha No, just kidding. NO really...;)

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