Monday, December 29, 2008

Maybe once a year...

SO- experiment was... partially successful. I have to say that due to where my life is now- my horrid fiction addiction didn't seem "that bad"- my kids are older and don't seem to care what I am doing as long as I am busy and not bothering them, and I was able to maintain some semblance of normal life while reading my book all day (although I didn't go to bed until well after I should have). That being said, "that bad" equals "bad" in my book, as my kids have heard me say too many times. I found it nearly impossible to think about anything else, or even want to. I LIKE checking out of reality for hours on end, I LIKE great stories, and I LIKE the full range of emotions a good novel provides. And I still like it a little too much. So, I think I will allow myself a taste of fiction on occasion, during winter break when there is nothing else to do, when my kids are gone at camp, or Steve is away for the weekend-times when my complete obsessiveness won't harm anyone but myself. ;) But all in all, I am much too weak of a person, or much too imaginative for my own good, to allow myself the delicious luxury of the fiction world. I find that once I finish a great story, it is very difficult to be satisfied with MY story anymore. It is harder to go about my daily life, participate in ordinary relationships, and muck stalls- when my heart is longing for adventure, and romance, and drama. When I get done with chores, I SMELL like a barn, but my heroines always seem to have the ability to row up river, build a fort, lasso the cattle, and look as perfect as a rose without even trying. Not to mention saving the day and raising perfect children at the same time. I suppose my life has enough catastrophe to keep me entertained. It is more prudent for this dreamer to keep both feet on solid ground and nose in God's word, rather than the land of make-believe where everyone is beautiful and perfect.

Goodbye, books- hello, 2009! We had a wonderful, white Christmas- with lots of love and hugs for the kids, but not enough presents. We got snowed in a week before Christmas, so even though Jordan and Jasmine had to do without a lot on their lists, we had a great time playing in the snow, hanging with the Clark's, and laughing our heads off. We couldn't get out of the driveway to see anyone else for Christmas- but God was so good, and this very bizarre weather came the year that Stef and Nick were our next door neighbors- so we got to spend Christmas with family in spite of the road conditions! Hmmm, how glad I am that there are no coincidences in God's plan! It makes me smile.

This video was pretty funny, I thought I would share. Note that years ago I warned Steve getting me a video camera might be a bad idea. I have a knack for catching people in compromising situations- never intentionally, of course. You see, I just prefer to be behind the camera, so my less than graceful moments are never archived for all history to see...wicked clever, aren't I?

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