Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's cabinet- how depressing.

I need to learn not to turn the news on right after Bible time. It is too much of a downer! News in general is a bummer, but I thought it would be important to see Obama's elections- yeah, not so much. I could have done without and gotten the list of people later on. To sit here and listen to Obama's eloquent speech, and then see the complete opposite as he tried to answer reporter questions was more confirmation that America is undiscerning and sheep following a sheep. We needed a true shepherd, a leader that would know his own mind and hold to his convictions of what direction we should go- instead, we get "Obama worship"- following a man who changes his mind like most do our underwear, puts Hilary Clinton, a woman he attacked and caste doubt on her abilities in foreign policy a year ago, as his secretary of state. Everyone wants to pretend this is a "team of superstars", but how likely do you think it is that you can put a bunch of opinionated, ego maniacs into a room and actually get things done? And more importantly, how likely is it that Obama- a man who can't speak his mind clearly without having it written down- is going to get run over by these strong personalities?
Whatever, whatever. God is still on His throne, and His plans will not be hindered. It just makes me sad to see Americans follow blindly, and not question the dishonesty and trickery right in front of them.

(The pic is one of my friend a few years ago in AZ- I needed to remember how to laugh after listening to Obama. She is hilarious!)

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Nikki said...

I cannnnnnot believe you posted Good times. I thought I was totally awesome that night by the way. Now don't be posting and DDR me playing the drums. Again....good times. I loved visiting you in AZ. Missed you at the early morning freak shopping at