Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To marvel....

I am still in shock that we are done with the year 2008. I can't get over it. Steve and I have been talking, and reflecting, and although we both feel this year was probably the worst- the hardest- year of our lives, we are sad to see it go. It feels like another year wasted, another year gone that can't be added to anymore. Our kids just keep growing, life just keeps happening, and I don't feel that I have done all the things I needed to. No matter how hard things are, I don't want to miss a minute of opportunity to learn from God, a minute of the childhood that Jordan and Jasmine are flying through. It's just crazy. (As I think about this, I have a horrible urge to go find a fiction novel- eeekk!)

Well, since stopping time for awhile is outside of my superpower abilities, I will just have to mourn the passing of another year, and rejoice at the prospects of the future. We finally decided that I need to stop working, so that is going to make the next couple of months very interesting. Getting rid of cars, dining out, all the extras- tough, but we have done it be for, and I think we will be glad we did. If I am going to teach my kids to live in the present and appreciate every minute, I am going to have to do it myself and show them, and that is impossible if I am gone all day.

Food for thought: In Matthew 8:10, a man came to Jesus with a request, and his response was so awesome, Jesus " heard it, He MARVELED..." Can you imagine God marveling at you? I wish. Check the passage out, and let's love God in such a way today, and have such faith in Him- that He would marvel at us...

(I marvel at what an awesome "goofy goober" my husband is!)

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