Friday, September 3, 2010

Lakeview 2010- Day 4

"God's Word is life-changing!" This day of VBS we have the honor of sharing the gospel. Robin taught the lesson and I was so blessed to help her. The story was of the cripple that is healed in Acts 3:1-4:12. Such a beautiful statement of every Christian- if we remember it. "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you..." That's all God asks of us. That we share our stories. We share our lives and His love with everyone around us. What a privilege.

During the lesson this day we got to have the kids take the gauze bandages we had put on them, the wounds that represent the sin, or "bad things" we had done, and place those bandages over the cross. As they took off their "sin" and laid it on the cross representing Jesus's death for us- they said the words "Jesus, change my life." Nothing magical about the words. Nothing powerful about the piece of wood we held up. But, the presence of the Holy Spirit was so there! It was wonderful to see. Sure, there were kids who were goofy, or thought the exercise was goofy. But there were also kids, and adult helpers, that meant what they said. And it brought tears of joy to my eyes. Robin did a fantastic job of guiding the lesson, and letting God do the work in our hearts.
How happy it is to be forgiven and free, yes?

This day was also one of quotes for me. Let me share two of them. One was so cool, and the other just funny. The cool one was a little girl, remember the first grader I told you about the first day who said I almost made her pee thanks to my amazing acting skills? I didn't tell you the best part! She had truly been scared Roman soldiers were coming to get us, but then by Thursday she pulled me aside and said, "You scared me so much- I almost peed my pants! BUT...(she even paused for emphasis) God's Word is comforting! Let's Go!" What a comfort He is! Not only did he answer my prayer that the little children wouldn't be permanently damaged from my lesson, but He was obviously using each day's bible point to teach these little hearts! Wow!

And the funny one came from our 6'3" high schooler who was lounging around, as usual, and put into words how we were all feeling- exhausted. Everyone wanted him to play some more Righteous Ball, and as he yawned and rolled around on someone's sleeping bag, he answered : "I'm busy getting tall." Enough said. What a week we had! By Thursday we all were more than ready for "quiet time" after lunch!

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