Sunday, April 5, 2009

Facebook is my friend.

I absolutely could not sleep because I felt like my head was going to pop off. Stress, anger, frustration, excitement- all conspired against me to rob me of "peace of mind and tranquility". Very necessary things to a good night's rest.

Well, I finally gave up the battle and decided a little blogging might help me work through the thoughts. But FIRST- I checked my Facebook- and thank you, Jesus.

It is hilarious to me how God uses the most unexpected channels to meet you where you are at. I have such a hatred of Myspace, for such a stupid reason- and it has bled into Facebook too. I know the computer is a "necessary evil" in the times we live in, a great easy way to connect and especially with the youth, but I sometimes feel like it is too much of a time drain for so many that I get irritated by it. Tonight God pulled a bait and switch, and I am so glad he did! He used my "necessary evil" to bless me so much, I will never be able to say a bad thing about computer friendships again!

My dear friend, Lisa G, was online at 2 am like only a crazy night shift nurse would be, and she so encouraged my heart, and took my mind off my silly worries. We went to nursing school together, and love visiting, but because of our schedules, Facebook is pretty much the only way we can stay in regular contact. And she is one of the friendliest, funniest people I have ever met- I could never give up this friendship. Lisa is such a free spirit- and I just know God is going to use her in a great way. She just doesn't know it yet. :) Her walk with God has been all over the board, yet she keeps on keepin' on- and trying to move forward with Him. She totally inspires me. To feel crushed and beaten down at every turn, and to hurt and lose so much- but never quit. That is what I would love to be like. Could I do it? That's how she inspires me- "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" kind of faith. Lisa, you are amazing!

I love this girl. We went through our schooling, moved to Arizona at the same time, moved back at the same time, and now daydream of moving to Arizona AGAIN together. We could go for months and not see each other, but the minute we do, it's like a breath of fresh air and sunshine. Lisa just has such a natural, easy way of going- you can't help but want to be around her, laughing with her, smiling and feeling like all is right with the world. Even when she is in the worst pit, she always says "it will be o.k." I know she doesn't always believe that- but she never quits, never "says die"- even when I know she probably lies in bed wishing it was over. She is so strong, so quick to forgive and love- it truly takes my breath away.

Thank you, Lord, for my dear Lisa. Bless her God with your unending grace and mercy, and bring her closer to you. Draw her into your family- the people you have specially made to lift her up, to brighten her smile, and to give her strength when she feels so alone. Protect her from the evils that want to take her, and provide her always with a way of escape- a way to flee the temptations, and to walk in your peace and JOY, Father. And thank you for Facebook tonight. Hehehehe

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Carmen Goetschius said...

I love that this friend has journeyed with you all over the place and seems to show up at the right time! A blessing indeed! Here's wishing you a night of good rest and sweet dreams!