Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank God for fresh starts.

This has been a busy weekend, but in a good way. Isn't it funny when you don't have time to whine and worry about your mental issues- things seem to get better? Nothing is different in my life, I still wish there was no such thing as extended family sometimes, and I am still a brat more often than I would like. But in view of all that God is doing to CHANGE that brat into a woman who pleases Him, it's hard not to see the "forest through the trees". There is a new day coming, and it's always fresh.

Friday night was a perfect example. I was NOT looking forward to the overnighter I had planned with my youth group girls because of all the mess that happened during the week. I felt like relationships were more work than they were worth, why should I bother, and pretty much having a good ol' pity party. I felt ill-prepared to hang out and love on these high-schoolers because of my need for an attitude adjustment and all the worries. Then the girls arrived- and it seriously, took about 10 seconds for me to have a heart change. Thank you, Holy Spirit! This particular group of girls are so awesome, and so much fun to be with- all night I just kept thanking God for the opportunity to be with them, and praying that they would build such binding "Christian sister" relationships with each other, that it would see them through these tough years in miraculous ways. The lessons they are learning as they "bear with one another", love each other and see what being a Christian really means are going to bode well as they become women- with extended families of their own, husbands, children, and friendships that don't always work out just like the movies. God is doing great things in them, and it was an absolute privilege to watch it unfold. I can't wait to see how these beautiful ladies grow! It helped to get to have dinner at Sonic, play some sweet Balderdash and Sardines, go on a Scavenger Hunt and try to paint CR's rock- who could NOT have a blast when Sonic is involved? :)

All in all, it was a great weekend- and I still have Sunday to enjoy! God, be with all of us as we struggle to be more like You. Make us forgiving, and compassionate. Loving and ready always to see you clearly.

"How great is our God,
Sing with me- how great is our God...
And all will see How great is our God.
Name above all names,
You are Worthy of all praise,
and My heart will sing-
how great is our God."

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