Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sometimes I wish I could write like David...

"O God of my praise, Do not be silent!
For they have opened the wicked and deceitful mouth against me;
They have spoken against me with a lying tongue.
They have also surrounded me with words of hatred,
And fought against me without cause.
In return for my love they act as my accusers;
But I am in prayer.
Thus they have repaid me evil for good and hatred for my love...

Help me, O LORD my God;
Save me according to Your loving kindness.
And let them know that this is Your hand;
You, Lord, have done it.
Let them curse, but you bless;
When they arise, they shall be ashamed,
But your servant will be glad." Psalm 109:1-5; 26-28

Vengeance feels so much easier than forgiveness sometimes.

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