Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why 87 year olds are cool.

I absolutely love the way a day rolls. It's like what Bilbo Baggins says, "“It’s a dangerous business going out of your door. You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” That was exactly what God did for me, and I am so glad.

Not so much swept away, but inspired and encouraged. I have been feeling a bit hopeless praying lately. Mostly because I feel like so many people I pray about are lost causes. Horrible, I know. I so easily get discouraged when I look at situations and try to analyze and plan. I go back to Luke 18:1-8, you know the story of the persistent widow, and remind myself that God is good and just, and hears me...I try to see Jesus saying to me, "(Here's a parable)to show (you)that(you)should always pray and not give up." Luke 18:1 And for the moment, all is well. But then I have to pray for them again...and I feel hopeless.

Well, last Wednesday was a day like this. When I arrived to my sweet 87 year old patient's (Mr. Sweet, let's call him) house to do his wound care, I was very BLAH. Spent my drive to east county praying half-halfheartedly and wondering if I should quit and find a more interesting thing to pray about. Like maybe a new Dodge Ram pickup truck. Got inside and settled my big guy into bed, taking the dressings off his feet and telling him jokes.

What you should know about this gentleman is he was a fighter pilot in his day, and speaks with a wonderful Texan drawl. He also is completely, and pleasantly, demented and really can't carry on a conversation but just points to pics of his family and babbles. Real words, but with no rhyme or reason most of the time. His main phrases are "Why, sure!" and "Easy there". Being effected by dementia and a stroke, I see him struggling to find words to tell me what he wants or needs, or about his family- but he can't form them. So he says one or two words, then lays back and stares at the wall.

This day was different, and it was a total God thing. Here I was, doing the mundane and with a dis-interested heart. Mr. Sweet keeps pulling his foot up (making changing his bandage very difficult) until I stare right into his eyes in exasperation. And he proceeds to open his mouth, and in the clearest, richest old man voice...he starts to sing me "Amazing Grace". Every word of the first 2 verses clear and precise. Oh, Lord- you are GOOD. I bet it was fun to see this "know it all" girl's jaw drop. I couldn't hold the tears as I thanked God for His faithfulness in the light of my unfaithfulness. Seeing Mr. Sweet smile at me and sing of God's Amazing Grace was the best moment I've had with the Lord in weeks. No matter how demented, ill, or impaired Mr. Sweet is- the words that must have meant so much to him in youth are still in there somewhere, and he can still sing God's praises. Even better, he can still minister and encourage a weak sister in Christ. Oh, it was good.

As I listened to Mr. Sweet round the chorus again, he smiled at me and said, "Your turn." Hahahaha! No word finding issues there. Those that have heard me sing probably cringe (no one willingly asks me to sing) but sing I did for the audience of Two. And as big as Mr. Sweet smiled, I know God was smiling bigger. Probably laughing at what a goomba of a daughter He has...and feeling my gratitude that He loves me anyways.

I felt like this moment was God's promise that I would always be able to come back to singing His praise for the grace He has given. There is never a lost cause, or a reason to lose hope- because Jesus is REAL, God is on His throne, and the end is secure. And just for fun, Our God is the kind who will use a demented, stroke effected, 87 year old Texan to take this little girl to Sunday School one last time. <3

(Pictures are just for fun...Spring Break beach trip that was too short but so refreshing. There are a few good things about the Northwest.;)


Curtis said...

What an amazing moment!

abby anne:) said...

Oh, you made me cry Renee.:) What a moment to thank God for, and to cherish in your sweet heart. <3

AllTheKingsBlessings said...

This brought instant tears to my eyes. Wow. Thank you, I needed that. :) Bless you, dear friend!