Saturday, April 23, 2011

To be a turtle on a log is a wonderful thing....

Could Friday have been any more beautiful? I love that I was able to adjust the work day and go sit in the sunshine watching the horses graze for awhile. It made me wish I was a turtle...have you ever noticed that the minute the sun comes out, all these turtles you never knew were in a pond suddenly are lined up in rows on every log they can find- just SOAKING up the rays. What a life they lead!

After my "baking time" in the sun I had to resume real life. And to be honest, it was a tough afternoon. Sometimes the fight and the struggle just feels like it is winning and "Why bother" comes to mind.

The greatest thing though, God gets that. He knew I was discouraged and tired and feeling just a little hopeless. And so he gave me Good Friday. When I took a minute to reflect on all that was "good" about this Friday 2000 years ago, suddenly the world really did look brighter. The best thing I heard at the service I was attending comforted my heart so much...praise You, Lord for always being ENOUGH. Oh, how I love you!

"Your service may please God,
Your worship may exalt Him,
Your study can reveal God,
You need never aspire to SATISFY God
because He is completely satisfied in the
work of His Son."

Sunday's Comin'! Woot Woot! The flowers are trying to bloom, the sun is shining, and God is GLORIOUS. It just doesn't get any better...Happy Easter, friend.

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