Sunday, July 6, 2008


My kids are currently spending the night at my brother's house, and I am wondering how I can possibly ever tell my son how much I adore him. I don't know why I am thinking of it tonight, but he is just such a phenomenal kid, I can't help but feel that I take him for granted a lot of the time. He is incredibly smart, super funny, and so willing. If I am honest, I know I am an overbearing, control freak- and yet, my thirteen year old son still hangs out with me. There are some days where I see the "face"- you know the one you gave your mom when you thought she was being a total spaz- but even then, he tries to humor his crazy mother. Even the photo on this post is an example of how awesome he is. Horses are my thing, not his, yet here he was as an eight year old, riding a crazy Arab, just to hang out with his mom.
Jordan is just such a cool kid, and this short time I have with him, to see him every morning, and hug him every night, is going way too fast. How do you tell a thirteen year old, you really like them? How do I help him know that no matter what choices he makes in life, no matter what excellent accomplishments or terrible mistakes he makes, I will always be proud of him, and love him for who he is- the Jordan that God made, unique and totally original?

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