Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"The Shack" stinks!

So- I have been stewing over this for a few weeks now, and today I just can't be silent. A current best seller, The Shack, is probably one of the most frustrating books I have been forced to read in at least 5 years. Now, I can't say I was forced exactly, but when a friend asks my opinion on something, I don't feel I can honestly give it unless I have at least attempted to give it a fair shake. This book was written by an Oregonian named William P. Young, and after reading his bio on his blog, I knew the book was going to be new age garbage. But- again, I didn't want to jump to conclusions, considering my dear friend was really enjoying it, and another fellow Christian had expressed excitement over meeting the author. So, I suffered through a few hours of torture, and now I can honestly say this book is one that should be used as fire starter at my next campout. I wouldn't mind if this was just a fiction book geared towards those who like to put God in a pretty little box and take him out periodically like an acessory. But the fact that "strong Christians" are raving about this book, and the senior pastor at Crossroads has passed this book out to thousands of worshippers for free and raved about the "wonderful picture of the relationship between the three persons" (ie the Trinity) has sent me over the edge. HELLO! Anyone read their Bibles anymore? Anyone listening to their gut when they feel the twinge as they hear the Father (who is characterized as an old African woman) tell the man "we are all in submission to each other, just as we are to you", a human! When do you ever read of The Father submitting to the Son? And when did Jesus ever submit to us? When He went to the cross- He clearly stated He was submitting to the Father's will.
Ok, so I will stop speed typing now, and instead of trying to do what has already been done very well, I would like to share with you the website below for a very thorough, very well written review of The Shack, and encourage you to decide for yourselves. I can bet this book will come up in some conversation in the next few months, or years (as I can't seem to get away from it), and it would be prudent to know what you think. Both of my fellow Christians who have brought it up to me have admitted there were parts of the book that put up some yellow lights, but they chose to ignore them. Fine, ignore it when you are reading a pointless fiction novel, or an silly blockbuster movie that really doesn't have to do with anything, but not when someone is speaking directly about the Savior of your life, or the Creator of our Universe, ok?

Study up, my friends, and don't decide to do what the majority says- counter the culture and dare to be different. Test everything you read, or hear, and determine if it matches up with what you know, and what the Scripture teaches. Off my soapbox, and on to reading something that might actually help me grow, instead of pull me back in to a liberal, lazy existence.

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