Saturday, July 19, 2008

VBS rocks!

Wow! What a week- I can't even begin to describe all that I learned this week- and vacation bible school is for the kids! Hahaha I guess God truly does use all things for our good, and for our growth. I had been struggling with so many things- tossing them back and forth in my head, trying to fix it all, and forgetting I can't really change anything.
I can honestly say that I haven't been this encouraged in months, or felt more free. Forgiveness is such a freeing choice- that we do have to make every day sometimes- but it gives us the ability to look not to ourselves, but to God, and give up any opportunity we might try to take for our own personal revenge on someone who has wronged us.
The theme for VBS this year was "Power Lab", and it was so cool because each day, as I heard the kids talking about the power Jesus gives us to be thankful, to give, and to be saved- it reminded me that I make things WAY too complicated. Thank you, God, for reminding me that I need to come to you as "one of these little ones"- pure and innocent of heart, and with no thought of fixing things on my own. I need to let you kiss the "skinned knees" and "bumped heads" in my life, and trust that what you are doing is enough.

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Jazz said...

VBS was soooo FUN!!! Love ya mommy! <3