Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lakeview Day 1

YES! What an awesome time we had in Lakeview, OR this year! Putting on a Vacation Bible School, night events for the local teens, and building amazing friendships amongst our Christian brothers and sisters. Oh, Lord- you are good!!

The theme for VBS this year was "God is WILD about you!" with a focus on Psalm 139. I so hope our teens saw that God is wild about them, just the way they are.

Day 1 was specifically "God Made You." with the bible point from Psalm 139:14. One of our favorites, yes?
"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

The road trip down was smooth and filled with hilarious road trip music, debates about the virtues of country verses rap, and by Monday we were all ready to start working!

More than anything, I prayed that our teens would connect as a team- we had kind of a random group, with lots of freshman, 1 sophomore, a few juniors and one senior. We even had a high school graduate working with us. God did His thing, and I couldn't believe how well everyone got along and how quickly they all realized how much they had in common. New friendships were formed and the feeling of family was there from the very first day.

Played some Righteous Ball, explored the local mountain and praised God for His faithful provision. How wonderful is it that he always knows exactly what we need, before we even ask it? He put together this group of teens from the beginning...and it was good.

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