Monday, August 22, 2011

Lakeview Day 3

Wednesday in Lakeview! Today the Bible point was "God Watches Over You!" and I think all the little monkeys loved the theme and Bible story. They got to go inside a giant "whale" and hear about Jonah, play crazy games and laugh with their teen leaders. It was so fun.

The scripture was from Psalm 139:12, and although their verse was significantly condensed, but I can give you the whole thing:
"And the light around me will be night, even the darkness is not dark to You, and the night is as bright as day. Darkness and light are alike to You."

I love the idea that nothing is a surprise to God, and nothing need be feared when He is beside You. As we gear up for the school year and all that entails, I just felt comforted as the kids shouted their Bible point, "God is watching over you". It is such a different place- to be parenting teenagers, one who will be moving on and out in just 2 short years. Remembering this verse is really helping me see my changing role- less "commandments" for my kiddos and more guidance, encouragement and prayer.

I just keep coming back to "Lord, enlarge their hearts for YOU." when I pray for all our teens. Truly, truly- if their heart is one that seeks God first and MOST, they can't go wrong.

This morning did give me a wonderful opportunity to work with a few of the teens on the importance of forgiveness and believing the best in each other. I think so often, if we just choose to believe that another person has "good intention" towards us- more than half the time, we wouldn't get hurt by misunderstandings. It was awesome to see young people CHOOSE love and forgiveness, over gossip and bitterness. I wish as adults we did that more often and so quickly. God bless you and keep you, friend!

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