Thursday, March 5, 2009

Festival of the Nile

Did you know I have the most amazing kids? I am sorry to break it to you, and your kids are great- but Jordan and Jasmine are truly astounding. :)

The kids got through reading "The Golden Goblet" in Literature this last month, and put together a "Festival of the Nile" showcasing the different things they have learned about ancient Egypt, and even a few facts about current Egyptians. It was pretty interesting, but what interested me the most was watching my two kids- home schooled for most of their days- stand up and give two very good presentations to a room full of adults and their peers. They spoke clearly and confidently, and even let a little of their personalities shine through the self-consciousness. It was awesome, and made me think that they really are going to be alright, in spite of my insanity and alternative education.

Jordan has been trying to decide all year if he wants to go to traditional high school next year, and we have always told him the decision is up to him. This is just the first time he has said he might want to go back to school. We are encouraging him to pray and seek God's guidance, but it is hard for me to take my own advice. I am so worried for him- what if he goes back now and it is horrible, or he hates the kids, do we send him to the high school here, do we move back to town so he can go to school with his friends, do we do the full Riverlink program, do we make him stay home? Argh! Very frustrating. I know that God has a wonderful plan and purpose for my son, and I can trust that He will lead us towards that plan- but my nerves overcome me sometimes. I guess that is the downfall of being female- I can be poking someone with 3 inch long needles, telling them what the Sherlock tracking device is for, maintaining sterility and threading a plastic catheter down towards their heart- while at the same time worrying about my son's faith in God and future educational decisions. Baaahhh! Steve always tells me most men don't think like that. How nice that must be!

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KEI said...

Oh Renee, you are truly blessed! To think that Jordan is able to decide something like this for himself is a true testament to how well you and Steve haved raised him. Just the fact that you are willing to rely on God for this and know that Jordan will rely on God to help him make his decsion is amazing! I am in awe and am taking notes! Praise the Lord!