Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rekindling the Romance Book Review

Another book review, Rekindling the Romance- Loving the Love of your Life by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, that I had to share. Whether you have been married since Noah, or just a week- this book gives you a glimpse of what God intended your relationship to be like. If you have rated G eyes and think the word "sex" should be whispered or avoided at all costs, please don't continue. :) I don't want to make you blush.

Written in two sections, first half by Barbara directed at wives, and the second by Dennis directed at husbands, but both people should read the book in it's entirety. If you are wondering what your husband(or wife)is thinking and why he does things that way, great perspective and very visual. The book uses a lot of examples (fairytales like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, pop culture, Heroes of the Bible) that we can relate to now as metaphors to help the reader understand the point. They also deal really well with the idea of "New Love, Disappointed Love, and Committed Love" and how every relationship will experience all three. Get the book for more information on this- it's fantastic!

Wonderful chapters, super easy read, and who doesn't want to make their great marriage even better? And if you are in the midst of hurt and despair, ready to throw in the towel- the authors give very practical, biblical guidelines to help the reader through "Disappointed Love" and back on the right track in BELIEVING God's way is the best way. Anytime I spend focusing on loving and respecting my husband is not time wasted, and the returns are priceless.
Two chapters, 'The Power of a Woman" and "The Irresistible Man" blew me away. As a woman, you take for granted what your femininity means to your husband- why he would cross hot coals just to pick you a flower when you were dating- and why if you choose not to use that God-given power to benefit your husband once married, you both feel cheated. This has nothing to do with whether or not you look like Megan Fox or have had 10 kids. God gave you to your husband as a gift, regardless of if you were saved before marriage or not. God made men with a missing component that only a woman can fill- I love that this book reminds you of that, and spurs you on to being the "missing link" for your husband. God made a perfect world, and a perfect man- yet in Genesis He said "it is not good for man to be alone"- God did that on purpose.

Barbara goes so far to say "You face the same decision to love your man today. Your husband will never be the man God created him to be if you don't validate his maleness and understand and satisfy his need for sexual intimacy. You are God's primary instrument for love and AFFIRMATION if he is to become God's man. You have the power to make him or break him because men are not born, they are made."
Ladies, how often do you think of your self that way? I know I don't. I want to affirm all that my husband is, but sometimes don't know how. I usually feel like a piece of worn furniture. I might be his favorite piece, but I just blend into the house, useful and comfortable at times- but nothing special. God KNOWS that's not true, and desires for me to be (and act) like so much more to bless my husband. Woohoo! When I read that chapter, I felt like I got a huge raise. No longer a Lazy Boy, now I can be the prized Datsun 360 Z- polished and priceless, bringing my husband great joy, fun, pride, and pleasure. (I know, my imagination is ridiculous, but you get the point.)

All in all, a worthy read alongside your bible study each day. Buy it, borrow it, and see what God does with your heart- and your marriage. God bless you!

"After all, marriage is not just about a grand beginning. It's about committing to a strong finish. It's weathering the storms of disappointment and the turbulence of life, never losing the ability to sing with Solomon, "How delightful is your love...How much more pleasing is your love than wine." (Song 4:10) That, my friend, is a real storybook finish."
Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Nelson Books ISBN 0-7852-0001-0

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