Monday, June 8, 2009

A Ridiculous Day.

Today was full of ridiculous moments, and I can't help thinking I am the only one who has them.

I find it ridiculous that I am positively ecstatic and joyful, just because the sun came out for an hour, but I am.

I find it ridiculous that people come to the doctor's office to get medications instilled in their vein, and get angry that you are going to poke them with a needle and don't have t.v. for them to watch while they are waiting. How did you think I was going to get the meds into your vein, and do I look like the front desk clerk at the Hilton?

I find it even more ridiculous that people are PAID WELL to work and be at their jobs, and yet every single day I hear nothing but whining and gripping from some.

I find it ridiculous that flowers can truly make me feel relaxed.

I find it ridiculous that even without the sunshine, I think I would love spring and summer so much because of the delicious berries!

I find it ridiculous that the a fore mentioned berries are so horribly expensive the rest of the year. The lovely bowl of cherries you see would have cost me over $32 at Safeway two months ago, and today I can get them for the wonderfully low price of $8. Wahoo!

I find it ridiculous that my hands don't work right. I must have dropped a dozen things today, including needles, wound dressings, iv tubing, and I even smashed a coworker in the door so hard he thought his arm was broken. Ridiculous.

I could go on and on, but it was just a ridiculous day. And I loved it. I needed a reminder to laugh at myself, and that is what I got. I recieved sad news a few days ago, that the "forever home" I sold one of my horses to has already sold her for a profit. Liars. I know it is their right, but it feels wrong when they tell you a great story to get you to sell the horse to them, and then turn out to be a trader. In some ways I was relieved to have a very clear "no" from God regarding ever getting my sweet baby back. Now that she is gone from my contact, maybe I will stop thinking about her everyday and hoping I might have her again. So it was a good "God Stop" in a lot of ways, but it was also very depressing. Perfect time for a ridiculous day to come. Thank God for weird coworkers, crabby patients, savory fruit, and another day of breathing and living. Hope you have a ridiculous Tuesday.


Winderdoodle said...

I love this post. It made me smile when you were writing about people unhappy with getting paid to work. Funny how many people are that way! I also loved the pic of your dog at the end with the cherry. Super cute. :)

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today too!


Carrie said...

We all have those days. You are totally not the only one.
I love that Sampson is eating a cherry.