Monday, November 3, 2008

Line Dancing...

What a weird thing to sign up for. I don't know what made me do it, but I am taking a line dancing class through the community center- and believe it or not, I love it! Yeah, I know- woman with 2 left feet. But it wasn't that bad, and super fun. We did the electric slide, of course, the boot-scoot boogie, and little rumba. It's just too bad the class is only an hour, right when I felt like I was getting it, it was time to leave, and by next week I won't remember a thing. Oh well, it was a great time.
We have been doing a really neat study called The Truth Project, and it has brought up a lot of talking points that Steve and I have been hashing over. Great discussions, but pretty mind-boggling if you try to analyze it too much. These are times when I wish I was truly brilliant, so everything would make sense right away. It shouldn't be so hard to learn. This last week we finished up a section about science- focusing on the farce called evolution. There was a great quote that stated someday evolution will be seen as the greatest deception in the history of science. Oh, if only that day would come soon. In the mean time, Steve will keep debating it with his boss, I will continue to teach the truth to my kids, and hope for opportunities to talk with people who actually want to review what the fossil record and Darwin really said, rather than folks who choose to believe blindly and don't want to admit that evolution is their religion.

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