Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can we really be this stupid?

I took my dad to outpatient surgery again yesterday, he was having a cataract repair, and I was yet again surprised to realize what idiots people can be. Apparently, he was on the table, and with this procedure you are only lightly sedated, and the doctor and nurses were just chatting his ear off about the glories of Obama, and "you're going to vote for Obama, right?" type questions. Now, I love our freedoms, and I love that we have the right to vote as we see fit- even if you are WRONG, but how totally unprofessional of healthcare providers to not be sensitive to those very rights? My dad could have been a staunch Republican, with Mcain stickers all over his car, and here he lies with a laser in his eye, unable to comfortably tell this lovely doctor why he thinks she's a loon. "Go sex ed for Kindergarteners! Hurray for more taxes to those of us who actually work legally in the US! Come on back, soldiers- and leave those terrorists alone so they can plan another September 11!" All plans of the Obama camp, and people actually think it is a GOOD thing. I am sorry, but I just can't handle it sometimes. It just irritated me to no end. As a nurse, I can see how uncomfortable lay people feel with the procedures and tasks we do to them. For us it is an everyday norm, but for them, they really feel that they have no control, and their health is in our hands. So telling them personal information, discussing very sensitive issues with them that DO NOT relate to their health- is just so totally inappropriate. Ugh!

Ok, off my soap box. All in all it was a pretty good day. Totally unproductive, but the kids and I found a small little farm's market to visit while my dad was in surgery, and had lots of time to visit and get some school done. Just no packing yet. But, today is a new day. God bless you.

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