Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The new place...

I can't believe how many times I have said that over the years. We are crazy. Went to look at the house in Washougal again yesterday, and I have to say, it made all the work worth it. It is such a beautiful setting, and having our family next door again is going to be a blast. As long as we all behave ourselves. hehehehe Somehow, I did manage to acquire another horse because of the visit though. The previous tenants had offered to sell me their fencing, charger, etc. But- upon arrival, he made us a deal it was impossible to refuse. Well, not impossible, but pretty sweet. All the fencing, the charger, horse supplies, trampoline, wood, and RIDING LAWN MOWER- if we took the horse. Poor guy. He must have been desperate.

So, long story short, Steve- being sensible, saw how easy it would be to add ONE MORE horse to the herd, and save over a thousand dollars. Smart guy. I am actually glad for the old gelding. He is 17 years young, blind in one eye, and a pretty chestnut paint. It didn't look like he had his feet trimmed in a year, and was so hungry for attention he was just standing at the stall door waiting for us to come visit. Supposedly, he was a dressage horse, but due to his eye, no one has wanted him since. Very ridable per the owners, and quiet. We will see, but for now, at least he has a home, and loving on sad horses is what we do best.

God be with you today, and me, as we embark on our next adventure!


KEI said...

Okay, so I totally know where that is! I still can't believe you are moving to my home town! Crazy! Okay girl, love you and miss you and prayin' for you too!

stefclark said...

I am so thankful we get to take this adventure together! We used to live only a couple blocks away, of course I did spend a lot of my free time at your house. Now we'll be just a breeze way away! I'll have fun sending Carson and Chloe over to your door with a little treat and an invite for dinner.