Sunday, September 28, 2008

M- day is tomorrow!

I think I should quit doing blogs that try to "reflect" because God is definitely saying "put your money where your mouth is". This last week I have had to FIGHT to hold my tongue, control my attitude, be patient with the people in my life, and keep from feeling "dejected" due to unfulfilled desires and expectations of my family. Yeah, good times. Not to mention I feel like I have lost the majority of those fights. I was telling my best friend yesterday that I have a tendency to start well, but peter out in the finish. Well, NOT THIS TIME! hehehe I have exactly one day to finish packing my junk and be ready for the movers- except out of this next 24 hours, I have exactly 8 hours unscheduled to do that- between church, appointments, small groups, and sleep- but hey- we all know sleep is a luxury not a necessity.

So instead of yakking away here, I am going to attack the laundry room and box up all those items I have not used or needed in the last 9 months, and take them to the new house where I will probably never use or need them for the rest of my life. BUT- there is the chance that I might, and I just CAN'T throw them away (banging head on desk, wondering why I am so OCD). Pray for me if you think of it- that I don't say things to my husband I have to apologize for later, I take time to love on my kids, and I don't break my leg, arm, or back running up and down stairs with bulky, heavy objects. I will update you when I resurface as a Washougalite rather than a Vancouverite. (Not real words probably, but I like how they look- some words just LOOK funny)
The photo is just a funny one for my memory- a bit out of focus- but look at the grin on my brother's face. "He should of been a cowboy, should a learned to rope and ride, carryin' my six shooter, riding my pony on a cattle drive-ive" (me singing country music...BADLY, of course)

I would like you to note all the capitalized words in this post. Any idea that I might be a little HYPER? Muhahahaha ATTACK!

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