Saturday, October 4, 2008

We've moved!

Wow! What a week! We are finally settled in (somewhat) at our new house, and I can't believe it is Saturday. I feel like there should be at least two more days in this week. Funny how time flies when you are NOT having fun too. I guess it wasn't all work this week. I loved seeing my kids jumping on the trampoline, and laughing with their cousins. That was fun. But the first few days we had no fun, then we had no Internet (still working on that, but my genius husband has found a way to get me logged in- just moving at the speed of DIAL UP- gasp, sputter, choke! Dark ages here I come!) and I felt like a man in a boat without a paddle. I couldn't even call some of the utility companies because I always look up phone numbers online and don't even have a traditional phone book. Learned something new, I guess, don't think Internet will always be there. hehehe Ah, how we love our computers.
Between working and unpacking, I haven't had much time to reflect, and for that I am sorry, God. But today was a new day, and oh, how I loved spending the morning with Jesus. I needed it more than I realized. I read something today that talked about how important it is to use our imaginations with God (ask me later if you are curious) and it was so cool- I don't want to be a dried up old lady who has these lengthy, BORING prayers that I have been reciting for the last 50 years, and to keep from that trap- I must use my imagination. God tells us to "look to the heavens" in Isaiah and TALK to Him- and I loved that! No wonder I miss the Arizona sky so much- the "heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies proclaim the works of His hands"! Good reminder for me, and hopefully for you too.
All in all, God has been so good this week, we made it through, we love the new house and my horses will be arriving if I could just find the time to get the barn ready! God be with you, my friends. I will post some pics of the new place once I get Internet that doesn't take 2 years to upload one file. hehehehe

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