Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Give a kid a hug today...

Wow- yesterday was a good reminder to never take my kiddos, or any kiddos for that matter, for granted. Carson decided to crush his finger, and to see my sweet little nephew covered in blood and guts (no, not really, but to mom and auntie it looked like a massacre)was truly terrifying. Give me a good motor vehicle accident or suicide attempt in the ER any day- just no 2 year olds with tears in their eyes. What a wimp I am, I know.
It is such a blessing to be a mom, and have children in my life, and I too often get so busy with the "stuff" of life, I forget to appreciate the moments. Steve and I were talking the other day, and it is so obvious that no matter what the news wants to say, life in America is pretty good and we are all so incredibly spoiled. If things were really bad for any of us, the nit picky things we get up-tight about wouldn't matter anymore, and we would all love each other better, and fight a lot less.
I have been thinking about how badly I want wisdom, or even more to the point- discernment, and how if only God would give me what he gave Solomon- "understanding"- I would quit messing things up and be so effective for him. It is such a struggle to be "wise", and short of hanging out on this planet for the next 30 years and gaining it from experience, how do we "get" wisdom? I don't want to be like the idiots Hebrews 5 talks about who stay on milk forever, even though they should have graduated to solid food, but most days I feel like he was talking right to me- always wasting time being a goober, rather than trusting God with a childlike faith- not childish- but childlike. There is wisdom in trusting the Creator of the Universe, the One Who truly can direct the future, and the One True God.
"Give your servant therefore an understanding mind...that I may discern between good and evil..." 1 King 3:8-9 (parts of)

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