Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun idea- do it.

My friend, Kerry, had this on her blog... See if you can answer these "6" questions!

6 TV shows I like to watch: 1) Down Under Horsemanship 2) Hannity and Colmes 3) I don't watch t.v. very much 4) Sitcoms suck out your brains 5)Read a book 6) Find a hobby central (Hehehe- no offense to those t.v. watchers- Maybe it is the other way around and I am missing out on great shows.

6 Restaurants I like to eat at: 1) Red Robin 2) Cheese Cake Factory- oh, how I miss that 3)Sonic 4)Pho Green Papaya 5)In and Out- yet another to miss 6)Si Senor

6 Things that Happened today: 1) I finally got to wake up and not have boxes to unpack (shhh- don't mention the pictures to be hung!) 2)Studied the Living Word of God to feed my soul and renew my spirit (hehehe) 3)Brushed my hair and made a bunch of static electricity 4)Caught up on my facebook comments and emails 5)Read my buddies blogs, very fun 6) Did my banking and wanted to cry that money disappears so quickly, but takes forever to make.

6 Things I am looking forward to: 1)Dinner at the Roberson's 2) Telling my kids they need to keep their Halloween candy in the kitchen and not their rooms to keep bugs away (when in reality, I just need easier access to their stash!) 3) Working at the pregnancy clinic and getting to ultrasound little bitty babies all afternoon 4)Riding my stinky little mare someday 5)Meeting Jesus face to face and getting a hug 6)Everyone to wake up!

6 Things on my wish list:1) A leaf blower 2)Wisdom beyond King Solomon's 3)Safety for my kids tonight as they do their own thing on Halloween for the first time 4) To have more hours in a 24 hour period 5)That I would get a filter for my mouth 6)That I would win the lottery- and someone would give me a lottery ticket so I COULD win the lottery.

6 People to tag:1)Stef 2) Nicole 3)Steve 4)Nick 5)Jordan 6)Jasmine

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