Friday, October 17, 2008

Autumn leaves...

I have decided that I hate laptops. I usually use a desktop computer to set up the class lessons for Jordan and Jazz, and do all my "surfing", but as of yet, Steve has not found a way to connect my desktop to our satellite Internet. Or rather, he doesn't have a few parts he needs to get the job done. So- instead of being able to upload and post the beautiful photos of our place as the leaves change, I simply have to tell you how much I am loving this fall season- and not be able to show you how glorious God's world looks up here right now. Things are still mostly green, but you can see hints everywhere of the new season. Yes, I know, I could upload the software for my camera to the laptop, change a few settings, and put them on this computer instead, but it still would be a laptop, with midget keyboard, poor ergonomics, and tiny screen. So instead, I wanted to whine and hope that my husband sees it and comes home with the wireless card we need desperately...(hint hint)I am shameless, I know. But I think this way is much less annoying than calling him every hour to remind him of things, as I have unfortunately done in the past. :)And if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen and I will survive.
I didn't realize how much I liked fall while we were in Arizona, because I liked the heat and blue skies so much. But every morning as I head to the barn, I can't help but breathe deep and smile at all the little changes, the fresh, crisp air, and the yellows and oranges all around. It is really a beautiful time, almost as though an introduction to something- I don't know what. It doesn't strike me as the end of summer at all, which is how I always use to think of autumn, with disgust I might add. I saw the end of picnics and barbeques, water play and swim suits, of sunshine and brown skin. Now I feel anticipation- for pumpkins and scarecrows, hot chocolate and cozy fires, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Black Friday, and a whole new year. I wonder what God will bring?
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."
Proverbs 19:21

(The photo was of last November in Payson, Arizona. We had to drive about three hours to find fall leaves to crunch, but it was still beautiful, and about 70 degrees all day. Pretty nice.This photo was already saved to the laptop- hehehe)

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Anonymous said...

i may just need to run a cable up there somehow... i will get it done this weekend... :)