Thursday, January 8, 2009

Being ready...

It is amazing to me how much we can handle, if we choose to be willing and ready anytime God calls. Most days go along in this ridiculously monotonous stream of duties and chores (in honor of NACHO- "kitchen duty, dead guy duty, maybe it's time I find another duty!"), but what if- what if we had our eyes and ears open for the missed opportunities God provides? I watched this video of Chris Tomlin talking about a band of average guys, willingly doing an extraordinary thing, and it just inspired my heart to stop whining and start watching. Watching today for the chances God gives me to be his hands and his heart, even in the littlest things.
If you are a Christian, you know that strip clubs and prostitution are not a part of your average day, but here these godly men were willing to stand in the very evilest of places, and sing praises to God for two hours- albeit with their eyes closed, I am sure. :) How awesome. I don't know that I could even stand in a garbage dump for two hours having a conversation with someone, much less in a place with more distractions than simply a bad odor. How many times has my legalistic Christian point of view caused me to turn my nose up at the thought or the actions of someone who doesn't know Jesus? How many times have I self-righteously determined that they are WRONG, and continued on my way, not thinking to stop and show them the compassion and love God has shown me time and again? And how many times have I been so busy worrying and complaining about the petty struggles in my life that I didn't even NOTICE the need of someone else? Oh, forgive me, Lord. As a believer, we have soooo much- so much that matters. Even when the bills are stacked to the ceiling, the job is lost, the marriage in shambles, or the kids indifferent to a parent's love- even then, we are more wealthy than Bill Gates because of the heritage we have in Jesus. How can I not share that, be more willing and ready to put everything else aside when the opportunity arises?
What an amazing song, what an amazing truth. Now I have to actually leave the safety of my room, and live it. God help me....:)
I hope you have a chance today to "sing God's heart" to someone- to a child who is misbehaving, to a husband who has forgotten to love you, to a sister who has wounded you, to a supervisor who is trying to drive you to drink, to a stranger who could use a hand- let me know how God reveals the "brothel" he asks you to serve in today. I would love to praise Him with you.

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