Friday, January 30, 2009

Random things about me...

What a great day, and it just started. The morning started out as a usual Friday, get the kids up late, feed the beasties, make Steve's coffee, drop the kids off at their Spanish class, study God's word, waste time on Facebook. Good times, and so much to be thankful for. Then I saw my friend Cindy's note on that blasted website, and it made me laugh and cry at the same time. What lives we live! How amazingly different, and similar we are at the same time. Her post was 25 random facts about herself, and as I tried to fill in mine, I couldn't help but crack up to look back at this life I have lived- and to think I probably have more than half of it still to live! Hilarious! God is so amazingly good, and I so often forget. I have been reading about Horatio Spafford, the author of great hymns like "It Is Well With My Soul". When he received the telegram from his wife that normal day saying, "Saved alone.", did he have any idea how to survive? What went through his mind? He lost so much so many times, 4 beautiful little daughters as the ship that carried his wife and children sunk. His namesake, an only son taken by scarlet fever at 4 years old. A nephew who was like a son dying of heat stroke in the Middle East while ministering to a Bedouin tribe. And yet, on his death bed, he was still filled with JOY. The honest, faithful trust Horatio had in his heavenly Father never failed him, even when the world did. Opinions, doctrinal stances, politics, finances- nothing mattered in the view of eternity. Never could Horatio have imagined that the words he penned as he crossed over the spot in the Atlantic where his daughters drowned would bring hope and relief to thousands, or that his daughter, Bertha, decades later, would be singing those very words over young and dying soldiers of all races in Jerusalem.
"Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, 'It is well, it is well with my soul.'"

Thinking about all these things- young Cindy and her memories, my own, and spiritual giants like Horatio- it reminded me why I started this blog. As a personal therapy measure-sure, as a record for my children someday when they remember me-definitely, a way to hear my voice even if I am the only one who ever reads it-possibly. I print these posts out here and there and put them in a binder, and although I can't write like Horatio, I like knowing that someday, somehow, my kids or grandkids might laugh with me at my fickleness, cry with me at life's battles, and grin at knowing ME- just a little better. In light of that, I thought I should post the "notes" from Facebook. By the time my children are adults and read them, I probably will have changed my random facts a thousand times over, and life will have changed me in a million ways- but it will be so great to see them laugh at what their goofy mom thought was interesting.

25 Random Facts posted 1/30/2009

1. My husband has been my friend for 25 years- since I went to his sister's birthday party in 1st grade and had a little fun in the back of their parents van. Long story, but great memory. (Get your mind out of the gutter- we were children!)

2.I have always thought the Northwest was the most beautiful place in the world, but now that I have been around a bit- I think God's world has too much beauty to stick in one place.

3. My Dad and I are both early birds, so throughout my childhood and teen years we would sneak out of the house before the sun rose and go for a nice long jog around Tektronics track (it was a 6 mile chip trail that use to run around the computer campus- where Kohls and Michaels are now on the corner of 164th and Mill Plain) then go have a delicious breakfast before anyone else in our family even woke up. It was the best!

4. My Mom has been trying to teach me how to garden for over 20 years and I still kill almost everything. I have decided it is more due to neglect than anything else- I forget that plants are alive. Shouldn't they just bloom and look pretty always?

5. I rarely watch sitcoms because I find it mind-numbing. But I do enjoy horse training videos and movies if I am crocheting at the same time.

6. I loved swimming the backstroke and IM in high school and competed against other states as a sophomore through VBS. Back when my butt wasn't as big as a small SUV. Those were the glory days. (Chariots of Fire playing in the background, memory gets fuzzy around the edges and everything appears dreamlike)

7. I love to train and ride horses and am currently trying to get my 6 year old mare steady under saddle. It is a terrifying but thrilling experience. I think if I had broken some bones in my life, I wouldn't be as chicken, but I really don't like getting bucked off- especially as I usually land on my head.

8. I REALLY like sour cream and pineapple mixed together. I could live on it if I didn't know better.

9. If I could choose between a "girls night out" and 2 hours alone in the barn- the barn wins hands down every time.

10. I have a problem with guilt- thus the above scenario in reality always has the "girls night out" winning because I would feel too guilty to say no.

11. People tell me I should write a book and I would never in a million years do it. It would be horrifying to have to read it again the week after it is published and say, "What was I thinking? Why did I say that? I take it all back!"

12. Obviously, in view of number 11- I am a fickle pickle and change my mind frequently.

13. I love my job when I am there, being a nurse is extremely rewarding if you aren't too busy whining about how tired you are.

14. I hate my job when I have to see up close the lazy, incompetent, grumpy nurses that might some day be taking care of me. I have a list of the doctors and nurses I would trust to care for me and my family-bottom drawer, nightstand on left side of bed.

15. One of the best experiences in my life has been homeschooling my two kids. I would never have been able to spend this much time with them if we went the traditional route, and I love it.

16. To this day- I still love and adore my husband. Mostly for his body, but I guess I like his mind too. hehehehe

17. My brother tried to drown me once when he got scared in a pool. I punched him. But then I dragged him to the edge. Good sister, yes?

18.I was raised in a Buddhist-Christian home. Yeah, figure that one out.

19. I was a Tupperware lady. It was the best.

20. I use to hate high schoolers because I hated high school. Now I am working with a group of high school girls and I think they rock.

21. I have moved 14 times. And yes, I am hiding from the law. My name is not really Renee. Shhhh.

22. I want to be a doctor but know I won't be willing to sacrifice what it would take to get there.

23. My two big toes look like they have a butt crack on them. (Thanks, Stefanie!)

24. I would wear only flip flops for the rest of my life to show off my butt crack toes- but it's too cold here.

25. I never want to own a house again- ever.

Procrastination is Fun
posted 12/3/2008 (This one was a fill in the blank type- the post gave you the first part of a sentence, and you had to finish it.)

1. I feel younger than I am. Not a good thing.
2. I am way too OCD about most things to find any "fun" in procrastination.
3. I am in love with my horses.
4. I am a Jesus Freak- and so glad to be one!
5. I love the sun on my face.
6. I love reading.
7. I am buying a meat cleaver to keep in the closet for Christmas.
8. I love my husband- no really, I do.
9. I have to clean up horse manure every day for therapy or else I worry about things too much.
10. I have rode go carts across the desert. (Not really- but my personal desert.)
11. I am the person who falls down a lot. Clumsy gene.
12. Most of my friends are irreplacable.
13. I write a blog entry almost everyday- another therapy. Too cheap for counseling.
14. I am extremely fickle.
15. I have been to Vietnam.
16. I live in a remodeled barn.


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