Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am finally glad to be "farsighted".

Just another day God has blessed me with living in. I woke with a peace that doesn't make sense, and was so glad to live in a country where I can choose and plan what to do each day, where I can have God's Word in every room of the house, and am free to worship and post all the blogs I want on Jesus's goodness. We used Skype last night to web-cam with my family in Vietnam, and seeing their faces just made me miss them even more, and feel so afraid that none on them know Jesus. I hate feeling afraid, but sometimes it gets the better of me. (I know, I know- feelings stink- and I remember that, but unfortunately they are unavoidable. I just have to control how I let them affect my actions, right?)Pray if you think of it, that they would receive Jesus, and live forever with us. They are some of the best, coolest, most loving people I have ever met- but they do it all to "earn" heaven, and I don't know how to show them that is impossible. My mom is taking them to a Christian church on Sunday, to visit a pastor friend of hers- would they hear it! They try to mix Buddha and Jesus- and Jesus can not be mixed!
Anyways, not what I planned to write about this morning, but covet your prayers for the Phan family in Long An, Vietnam.

Now- about this "farsighted" business. I am finishing up a study on the Proverbs 31 Woman- yeah, bleck. Unfortunately, I am continually drawn to her story, and although many Christian women I know profess to thinking that the text describes a fictitious woman and it is an unreachable ideal, a passage that makes them feel inferior- I have always disagreed. I doubt I will ever attain to her level of love and work, but I want to TRY. I have known women who seem to bear all her attributes, maybe not every day, but on most of them. And to be that- to be such a God-lover, your children and husband rise up and call you blessed. Wow. I can hear "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background and I want to run up the courthouse stairs. Hehehehe So, this morning the study said "A Godly woman is farsighted." Now, if you have known me long enough, you know I have this little issue with PLANNING. I tend to plan years in advance, plan YOUR years in advance, and need a schedule, a route, and a course of action for everything I do. Not such a good thing, so I thought. But after reading this, I was encouraged that if I could direct some of that energy into more intentional action towards my plan, and less worrying- I might not be too far off the mark. This Proverbs lady did not fear for her household because her PREPARATIONS and PROVISIONS had provided for them. Very cool, yes? It was encouraging to know that I don't have to throw all my plans out the window and "just trust God"- He wants me to plan and prepare to my heart's content- yet not get bent out of shame when He changes those plans. Can I? I am going to try. Now tomorrow's lesson is another story- "A Godly woman is elegant." Blah. :)
"She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet." Proverbs 31:21

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