Thursday, February 12, 2009

Financial Peace...

Quick note: For the first time in 3 years, I got to spend the morning with my dear friend, Kerry, and it was so awesome! To hear about her life, her new house and neighborhood, and her sweet little children- it was the best. We call Kerry and her husband our spiritual parents, because they are the ones whole took the time to come into our pit and pray with us to receive Christ. They helped us through the milk stage, and then sent us on to learn more about God and love Jesus better. And no matter how much time passes, our friendship never changes, and we can always pick up right where we left off. Godly relationships are so awesome!
So I was listening to Dave Ramsey last night, this crazy money guru who tells you horribly sensible ways to get free from debt, materialism, etc. Now, I would rather him tell me how to get rich quick, and to live my life with reckless abandon. Wouldn't that be nicer to listen to? I think so. :)
Seriously, a friend of mine gave me his book and CDs in Arizona, and I started reading it, got totally overwhelmed, and then hid it under my nightstand and envelopes I save and never use. Well, after I got Chloe and Carson to bed last night (Stef and Nickers were on a date- hurray!), I turned on Fox News looking for some good political bashing or at least a bloody, fatal car accident, you know, fodder for nightmares and stress-filled dreams. Anyways, Mr. Annoying and Rude but Horribly Right Ramsey was on, and of course, God finally got my attention. As I listened I got this feeling in my gut, the kind that hurts but not bad, and demands attention but quietly enough if you really wanted to you could ignore it for a bit and it would go away. I contemplated that, and changing the channel to Sponge Bob instead, but as I sat there, I thought of my Jesus, and how He died to set me free. Now- if He wanted me to be free so badly, why would I want to get enslaved and tied up in financial woe, when there is a way out? Why wouldn't I want "financial freedom" like Ramsey talks about- at the small price of "living like no one else now, so you can live like no one else for the rest of your life". It makes so much sense to me, and yet it seems so hard sometimes. You just muddle along, paycheck to paycheck, and pretend that you are being a good steward of what God has entrusted you with. I felt ashamed and sad, but also motivated and hopeful. Can we do it, Lord? Could we really scale so far back, and finally delay gratification- so that we can bring you glory in this area of our lives?
I so want to. So, thank you, Miss Patty, my friend- for giving me those much needed resources that I didn't want. I am ready for them now. Thank you Stef, for getting home late and forcing me to sit quietly and watch t.v. And thank you, Father, for bringing me to a place where my heart is finally ready to truly honor you in all areas. Help me to follow your design- no matter how hard it gets. :)
Now I actually have to get out of bed and start doing it. :)

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KEI said...

I love you so much! It wasn't enough time, but I'll take any that I can get! I sooooo loved spending the morning with you and Stef and Nick. I am amazed at your beautiful, smart, well mannered, gorgeous, and very BIG children - you and Stevearelli have done well! Next time will have to be longer, and know that you are always welcome to come on down and spend a week or two or three or four... with us! I love you!