Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ode to FLip Flops!

flippeting, floppeting
down the beach
with colors of silver and purple and peach
flippeting, floppeting
through the sand
making flippety footprints
wherever they land
the flippeting, floppeting never stops
when you're wearing flip-flops!

written by TheBUZZ blogger

That is just ONE of the reasons I love flip flops- the sound it makes. I also love the ease, the feel, the comfort and the fact that flip flops signal something in me that flashes "casual, carefree, summer days should be ahead". Now, I know that never seems to be the case, but flip flops are the perfect medicine to numb my senses into believing all is right with the world if there is a little sunshine in the day. I was ecstatic to be able to wear flip flops yesterday. I just kept walking around outside for the sheer joy that the "flippety floppeting" brings. It did remind me I seriously need a pedicure, but that doesn't affect the absolutely beauty of a pair of flip flops and dry ground! The whole time we lived in AZ- I think I spent 80% of the time in a pair of flip flops- I had date night flip flops, church flip flops, grocery store flip flops, field trip flip flops, even flip flops to work the horses in (really stupid, dangerous idea- I am ashamed to admit). The only time I wore shoes was work, and the occasional cold, winter day. Ahhhhhh- no wonder I didn't have a mood disorder there- somebody mail me some Prozac. Hehehe Just kidding, I would rather wallow in it, anyways.
So, yesterday our extended family was suffering through sad things, and although it made me cry and reminded me how thankful I am for my healthy, beautiful children- the FLIP FLOPS kept me from the "depths of despair". Pathetic, I know. :)
I am wondering if it is too much to ask for the weather to turn and STAY turned. Yesterday was gorgeous, as I have said, and today the wind is trying to tear the house down and thick, gray clouds are obscuring my view of God's beautiful blue sky. My brother-in-law told me that the color blue is proven to bring happiness, relaxation, and a sense of well being- isn't it interesting when you can see it, God made the sky blue. Hmmmmm...yet another reason to say , "Thank you, Lord."

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KEI said...

I whole heartedly agree! I love flip flops, but am sad that I don't have nearly as many pair as you! I better get to the store asap! Oh, and when you come visit, bring your pool flip flops!! :-) Love you!