Monday, August 3, 2009

Funny Nail Comedy

This video was hilarious- because it is so true! If you have never gotten your nails done by a Vietnamese woman, you are missing out. :) Leave it to a Vietnamese woman to smile at you and make you feel like she is there only to serve, and be putting you down in the same breath. My current lady is the sweetest woman ever, but I have been to some salons that are exactly like this.

My favorite memory was once in Arizona, I was getting a pedicure next to this really beefy lady, and I was listening to the two girls doing our toes go off on her disgusting corns, how she never tips well, blah blah blah. (The best part of being half Vietnamese, is I get to eavesdrop on Vietnamese people and they are never the wiser.) I was trying hard not to be obvious as I held in the giggles, but then I forgot to stay incognito. One of the other ladies said in Vietnamese for my manicurist to give me a water bottle- and I quickly said, "Oh, I don't need one". Oops! Cats out of the bag- you should have seen the girls jaws drop when they realized I had understood all their rude comments. It was HILARIOUS. Needless to say, I got the star treatment, and left there with painted flowers on every toe, a coupon for my next visit and a head that could hardly fit through the door from all the compliments they gave. Ah, good times.
(Remember to pause the music on the right before playing video.You can skip forward to about 40 seconds into it- that is where it gets funny.)


KEI said...

Okay, that was hilarious!!!!!!!! I think just about everything she said has happened to me or a friend at one time or another! I'm sooooo jealous you can understand them! I knew that when they talk to each other and giggle they're saying mean things about you! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

OMG - SO funny! I just KNOW that those gals are talking trash about me and whoever I'm with! Fun fun fun!