Sunday, August 2, 2009

Major chords are sweeter because we know what minor sounds like.

"Would we know that the major chords were sweet,
If there were no minor key?
Would the painter's work be fair to our eyes,
Without shade on land or sea?
Would we know the meaning of happiness,
Would we feel that the day was bright,
If we'd never known what it was to grieve,
Nor gazed on the dark of night?"

Trusting God to know best is always a good place to be.

The pictures is from Alpine Slides on Mt Hood, and the video is what we did. A great day in the midst of a tough week to remind us that God is working in mighty ways, we just have to open our eyes and "see". And when your aren't holding a camera- the sleds are soooo much faster! Woohoo! I will post some great pics of our youth flying down the mountain. Now I just have to learn how to snowboard. :)

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KEI said...

SOOOO fun! I've always wanted to go there, but never did - can you believe it! Glad you had a little happiness in your week. Love you, friend!