Monday, August 24, 2009

VBS Day 4!

What an insane week. I had good intentions to be intentional, and look what happened. We are now on another Monday, with one of my sweets heading to the beach for too many days, and the other starting band camp for too many hours. Rewind, please.:)

I was thinking about Day 4 of VBS, and Lakeview- and realized that this was the very best day of the whole week. The key point was "God gives us life", and as I sat around this morning whining about how much I will miss my kiddos, I realized how totally thankful I am that God has given us life, and breath, and everything else. I can be joyful for the adventures my kids go through, peaceful that they're days have been pre-designed by a loving Creator, and that no matter what happens- because they both have accepted Jesus into their heart, we will never have to say a real goodbye. What a promise, and what a pick me up. Thank you, God!

(This is our fearless leader singing Disney Princess songs to us during quiet time. Gotta love it!)

On Thursday in Lakeview we had another fantastic day with the crews, and that night the teens put on a High School Youth Event. Again, it was so awesome to see them literally JUMPING out of their comfort zones and doing things that were not normal. It is normal for teenagers to be cliquish and want to sit with their friends, yet here were 15-18 year olds spreading themselves out between tables of complete strangers at dinner, engaging these new people with questions, conversations, and laughter. It is natural for teens to be self conscious and aware of their appearances, yet here were high school girls throwing themselves with abandon into crazy "get to know you" games that involved violence, trash cans and the Great American Rip Off (it was terrifying to watch, but they had a blast and when it was over, not a single hair was in place- and they didn't CARE!).

God was so good in keeping everyone safe and bringing common ground for the Felida and Lakeview Youth. It was so cool to see that no matter where you come from, how you live or what you look like- when you love Jesus, you have instant family where ever you go.

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