Sunday, May 3, 2009

Civil War Reenactment Lebanon, Oregon

Friday we went on a field trip with Riverlink because the kids have been studying the Civil War, and it was so cool! The people were dressed in period outfits, and stayed in character for the entire day. It was funny to hear some of their crazy stories, and sad to hear how many died and how much we didn't know about wartime medicine or artillery. They have more weekends scheduled in the area, and we have two free student tickets if anyone wants them! It was well worth the time, and the kids really liked it. There website is

This woman was dressed as a Kentucky gentlewoman might have been during that time. They described the number of petticoats wore, the laundering time frame for clothing, and even how the pieces were put together. Plus she threw in some jokes about loose woman and crossing your legs. It was pretty funny.

The kids had a lot of funny hanging with their friends and goofing around. That is usually the best part of a field trip. :)

The canons were all of our favorite thing. I was surprised by how much the ground shook when they shot it. Apparently during the war they would pack the canons with 1 1/2 pounds of powder and 5 pound shells. For the demonstration, they only used 5 OUNCES of powder, and it still wow'ed us. I can't imagine how the soldiers could even focus with all the smoke, noise and adrenaline during battles. It must have been overwhelming. Makes me yet again accept that men and women are very different. :) God made men single focused for a reason. To get the job done.

Of course you know what captivated my interest...only things of the four legged variety. When I first got there and saw the horses, I was determined to stay far away and pretend they weren't there. That lasted about an hour, before I couldn't help myself. The expected tears came, but then it got better and I could talk to the owners and pet the pretty babies. It was a good first step in being a "non-horse owning" horse person. (But it still stinks.)

All in all, yet another great time with the greatest kids ever.

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