Saturday, May 2, 2009

Josiah Venture in Slovenia

(Don't forget to pause the playlist on the right so you can hear the video.)

This country (the country that looks like a chicken on a map- hahahaha!)is so limited in their access to God's Word, to God's people. 1% of people are born again Christians. That is so sad- in our modern world of technology and instant communication world wide, that so few have heard, or touched by the millions of professing Christians on the planet. We so much want to see our friends, the Wynn's, there- preaching, teaching and loving God's children. Pray with us, consider donating, supporting, whatever. Just because we can't go physically, doesn't mean we can't participate with our prayers, our love, and our fundage. :) Good things happen when we listen to the tug of God on our hearts.

Check out Josiah Venture, and see what they do. We first heard about them at our church in Arizona, and as an organization- they are active and in love with Jesus.

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Trisha said...

Yeah Renee! Thanks for the shout out!