Saturday, May 9, 2009


I was thinking about God's story today, and how when you look back- you see it clearly, but when you are in the midst of it, you can't figure anything out. Today has been so fun, and so relaxing. I love those kinds of days, where anything goes. Now that I have to get ready to head to work, lets see if I can "hold that thought".

Taking account of the last year, and all it's changes- I can see so clearly where God's hand was in the midst of it all. Had we just stayed comfortable, stayed with what we wanted- we would never have the joy we have now, having fought the battles and won. What an awesome gift God gives us...our struggles. (Weird. Saying that feels a little scary!hehehehe)

Yet another excerpt for you. This was a scene where the Assyrians were talking about the Israelites/Jews. I wonder how many world leaders in Egypt, Assyria, even Rome over the years expected this "tiny nation" of Yahweh followers to disappear- rather than what happened, with them impacting every country in the world through Jesus. No one cares about Assyria anymore, but Israel is still present in the news. How interesting. "His-Story" most definitely.

"That evening Iddina went to see the Assyrian high priest, unloading his arsenal of anger and frustration on him. "How can Yahweh be the god of war, the god of fertility, the god of the dead- and the god of everything at the same time?" he shouted...Iddina struggled to contain his temper and disguise his fear.
(High Priest of Assyria speaking) "Why does it bother you so much, my lord? Judah is an insignificant country with an obscure religion. Soon both will disappear from the map and from the history books as if they had never existed. A thousand years from now, no one will even remember the name of their god, much less worship him. But the Assyrian religion, her gods- they will endure throughout time." pg 278 "The Strength Of His Hand" by Lynn Austin

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