Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jordan's 14!

What a fun birthday Jo-Jo had yesterday. It was a whirlwind day, starting out with cinnamon rolls and presents, and ending with American Idol and late night movies. That is probably what I will miss the most about homeschooling. I won't be able to have a whole birthDAY for them anymore, and make up the lessons over the next week...well, maybe I will! We will just call it a "personal leave of absence" and PARTY!

Thank God for giving me this kid, trouble and all. Having a growing teen boy has it's challenges, and there are some days his attitude makes me believe aliens are real- because they must have pulled a body snatch, but more often than not I find myself smiling and this brilliant son of mine and excited to see what God has in store for him.

The look of pure joy a person has when he finds exactly what he is looking for- regardless of the bedhead and sleepy eyes.

Jordan has asked for this XBOX 360 for two birthdays now, and two Christmases, and thanks to grandparents and mom and dad pooling their resources- he finally got it! Life couldn't be sweeter for a teenage gamer.

This is what all the grown ups do at birthdays now- relax! I remember the days when Jo was a little munchkin- someone always had to be running after him, keeping him from killing himself or breaking something. I kind of miss it. :)

Not to short change the "little" adults. They had a great time too!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

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