Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ever wanted more faith?

Yet again- great books can truly heal a heart. I always get frustrated that I don't have more faith, that I get discouraged so easily- but then this little novel said it in a way that got my attention. Eavesdrop on King Hezekiah and his grandfather's conversation with me:
"...Yahweh revealed Himself to you as the Eternal One, whose plan reaches throughout all the ages. That's why the people wanted to celebrate; Yahweh revealed Himself to them, and they hungered for more. As long as you continue to seek Him, son, your love will continue to grow. And as you express your love for Him through obedience, He'll reveal more of Himself to you."
"Will I ever have a faith like yours?" (King Hezekiah speaking)
"That's up to you. The only way to grow in faith is to put your faith to the test. You must place yourself in His hands and let Him prove Himself faithful. Unless you make up your mind to trust Him, you'll never know that Yahweh is faithful."

This was from the second book in the Chronicles of the Kings series, and King Hezekiah is trying to decide if he can risk rebelling against the Assyrians. He is a newborn to His faith, and His grandfather spends the beginning portion of the book teaching him about the Torah- having him memorize scripture, and testing all his political decisions against what God would say.
Yeah, like I said- phenomenal series. Not for the literary merits, but for the INCREDIBLE message. Even the 5th book, although it doesn't have a historical accuracy note, draws your heart to 2 Chronicles 33 to find out what King Manasseh REALLY did.
Needless to say, I got through all 5 books in about 3 days because they are just that good. (And I have nothing else to do with my free time since I live in the 'burbs.)Buy them, borrow them, whatever- summer reading must haves when you are lying by the lake, sitting on the porch, or like me- can't sleep and hate t.v.

"Hear O Israel, Yahweh is our God. Yahweh alone." The beautiful shema that is said as the motto in all 5 books. If only we still applied that fiercely. Our idols don't look like the Israelite's false gods- but our pride, self interest, love of money, beauty and earthly pleasure are just as deadly.

You will cry at the greatness of our God, and His amazing mercy. You will laugh, and you will be outraged at the ugliness of our sin.

Excerpt taking from "Song of Redemption" Lynn Austin

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